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The integration section allows developers to manage integration parameters.


  1. In your dashboard app click on integrate or in your navigation bar click on Integration.
  2. At this stage, you have only the Sandbox API key available. This API Key is useful during the integration period. It helps you trigger different outcome of the verification flow in order to integrate seamlessly with your system for any case.

Sandbox mode is designed for developers to experiment with various integration results and it is not compatible for production use.


There is 2 types of credentials:

Sandbox credentials

It gives you a set of Client-Id and API Key to initialize sandbox session. Sandbox sessions are very useful for testing and integration purpose. The goal is to test your integration without uploading genuine data.

Production credentials

It allows you to make real world calls to our API. You will be able to create real world session and submit real data that will be verified by Synaps. To request production credentials, you need to have a signed contract with Synaps.


Your API Key is highly confidential and gives you access to sensitive user data. Do not share it with anyone. Use the API Key only on the server side with proper security measures. Make sure it is not uploaded to your source control system and is stored securely at all times.


Webhook is a notification system and it’s useful to synchronize Synaps state changes with your own database without calling our API every minutes or hours.

  1. It will triggers your endpoint each time Synaps make a change to its verifications.
  2. To create a webhook, enter your webhook URL and click on Activate.
  3. Once webhook has been created you must pick the associated secret. This secret will be used by Synaps as a query parameter for each webhook call.

If you want a new webhook URL deactivate the current one. It’s strongly recommended to test if your webhook calls are correctly received through Sandbox mode.


We are sending a secret value as a query parameter in the POST request. This secret is unique to your app and is available in your manager. Double-check this value each time you receive a webhook to make sure that Synaps is the one who sends this request.

Your secret is highly confidential, do not share it with anyone.


You can access to your Sandbox tasks in Developer > Sandbox Tasks. You can then simulate the outcome you want by clicking to the associated button. You can create as many sandbox sessions as you want.


Sandbox is an easy way to test your integration. When you initialize a sandbox session, a warning will be displayed in the Verify SDK.

Verify Sandbox

It means that everything sent through this session will not be processed by verification agent. Sandbox session will be only used for integration testing purpose. Once you upload something, a task will be created to your manager and you will be able to chose the outcome you want to simulate.