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Verification flow


A verification flow is a set of verification steps selected based on your compliance requirements to verify the identity of your users.

  1. In your app dashboard onboarding, click on Create flow
  2. Select an empty flow or use a template (basic KYC, Basic KYC + AML Advanced KYC +AML )
  3. Click on create to set up your selection


The flow is the set of verification steps that your company requires to meet regulatory compliance.

For an Individual app, there are multiple verification steps available.

When you check the left side panel you can drag and drop steps in your verification flow


There are 5 compliance checks that Synaps offers today.

1. Liveness

It ensures the genuine assurance presence of user. It means that we are challenging the user to prove that he is a real human behind his camera.

Once enabled, Liveness verification has only one setting and it is called the Duplicate.


It allows you to chose whether a user can pass verification multiple times. Duplicate meaning that only one unique session per user is allowed. By default, Duplicate substep is unable.

2. ID Verification

It allows your company to perform ID checks on 5000+ documents in more than 190+ countries.

ID Verification has 2 settings which are restrictions settings.

3. Proof of Address

It gives you additional information about your customers. Synaps is capable of verifying more than 6 document types from more than 190+ countries. An ID document step is required to enable a Proof of Residency step.

4. Phone verification

By sending a unique OTP, Synaps is able to verify phone numbers from more than 190+ countries instantly and at scale.

Phone verification has one setting which is a country restriction setting.


The OTP is only send in production mode. In sandbox mode, the code is 000000.

5. Email verification

By sending a unique OTP, Synaps is able to prove the ownership of an email adress.


The OTP is only send in production mode. In sandbox mode, the code is 000000.

Manage levels


Level management allows you to create multiple flows from the initial flow for different levels of risk and compliance.

How its work :

  1. Set a Level name.
  2. Select steps from the initial flow to establish varying levels of risk and compliance. Use sub-flows to set verification conditions.
  3. Publish this levels to production.
  4. You can make a new level if you wish.



Restrictions are part of compliance requirements. It can be country restrictions or document restrictions. Synaps makes the process easier by having a simple interface to manage restrictions.

Document and country restrictions

Restricted countries

To add a new restricted countries, click on manage then type the country you want to restrict

You have now restricted all documents for United States

If you want you want fine-grained restriction per country and document, you can click on the United States and toggle the document you want to allow for the US.

Selecting the country and managing their restricted document is the best way to have a fine-grained restrictions system. However, doing this by hand can be quite tedious. That is why you can restrict a document type for all countries.

In the case, all National ID and Driver License are restricted to getting enrolled. However, as we setup a country-level restriction for the US. Only US citizen are able to upload a National ID. Country-level restrictions are priority over document-level restrictions. It works exactly the same way for Proof of Residency and Phone verification restrictions.

Copy app restrictions

If you have defined restrictions within an application in your organization you can reuse them and apply them easily between applications.

Import restrictions

If you've already exported restrictions from an older application or manager version, you can import them directly into the verification flow step.


The import format for restrictions is .csv

Export restrictions

If you wish to export the restrictions of your verification step for reuse elsewhere, just click on export once the restrictions have been applied.


You can search for a letter you've entered. This refines the list of countries to be displayed.


Once your flow is done, you've 2 possibilities:

  • Once your flow has been saved, test it through Sandbox (recommended)
  • Submit your flow to production in order to have a live project