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The Synaps Manager allows users to create an organization that groups applications managed by the company.

Example: When you own a company and need to manage several Synaps applications, you want to create a new organization in the Manager, so that you can manage each application more efficiently and consistently.


By creating a new organization, you can streamline your workflow, reduce costs and ensure that consistent policies and procedures are followed throughout my organization.

Onboard a new organization on the Manager

  1. Log at :
  2. Select create new organization
  3. Go through the onboarding process
    • Onboarding steps
      1. Fill the inputs (first name, last name, email address) and give a name to your organization
      2. Verify your email address
      3. Give a picture to your organization
      4. Create the first app of your organization
      5. Add the first member to your app and give a role to this member
  4. Create your organization
  • Once your are already connected, if you already have an organization and would like to create a new one, follow this guide.

    1. Go to your organization in the left side panel
    2. Select create new organization

Log in with your email address

To the following address: :

  • Fill in the field with your email address associated with your account.
  • Then provide the authentication code you received.
  • Finally, you see a list of all the organizations you belong to, and select the one you want to connect to.

Congratulations, you're connected!